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My Mom always said I could... so I must at least attempt.

Below are my books as well as links to my Youtube Channel where I share tips/steps to make the publishing process easier for other writers out there.


Writing/Self-Publishing Advice

Writing is a lonely business but you don't need to feel alone! Check out my Youtube Channel for educational videos based on my own self-publishing experience!


Cheapest Way to Self-Publish a GOOD Book

Economic self-publishing steps to give you a GREAT finished product for less money! Using my own journey, this video includes my opinions on the areas of self-publishing to spend money on and the potential DIY options to save some cash.


How the Publishing World Works!

Ever wondered how authors make money? Or how they get published at all? The publishing world is like a big game with a bunch of players who all hope for a similar outcome; their published work on bookshelves and money coming in daily. But sometimes a writers strategy works, and sometimes they need to rethink their direction. 

In this video I explain the differences between the 3 avenues of the publishing industry as well as their pros (+) and cons (-). Publishing can seem daunting but having basic background information on the available options can help writers in the researching process! 


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