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Meet the Main Course!

Drumroll please... and keep scrolling to meet the two main characters of my books.

Gymnast Hugging Knees

Aurora Lovejoy

The Partner Assignment Trilogy

Aurora was born outside the wall, where those who were too poor to enter the city 149 years ago are struggling to survive. She is the Outsider generously selected to live behind the safety of the wall, in the prestigious Oxbow City in Year 141, never to cross the wall again.

And she is now engaged to William Inch, the Dwarf Kid.  

When Aurora uses her connection with Will to avoid being arrested, will their fake relationship force her to confront the real human emotions she's been suppressing ever since she entered the city?

Fun Facts: She likes gymnastics, dance class, and swimming. She is fluent in sign language and hates birthday cake.

Character Inspo: Isabelle Lightwood - The Mortal Instruments (Shadowhunters)  


William Inch

The Partner Assignment Trilogy

Will was born and raised inside Oxbow City, never having stepped beyond the wall. His reputation is permanently stamped as the Dwarf Kid. His strict and abusive father is the Commander of the Protection, the military organization which guards the city, making his family wealthy and famous.

And he is now engaged to Aurora Lovejoy, the Outsider.

After years of indifference, Aurora pretends they are a couple to avoid being arrested, and Will joins in the charade to keep her safe from the City Council. Aurora looks at him like she needs him, a powerful feeling he's never experienced. But will he become too invested in their fake relationship, or does he stand a real chance? 

Fun Facts: He is skilled in archery, always fiddles with a pocket knife when thinking, and is a survivalist. He is deathly allergic to peanuts, loves board games, and hates haircuts. 

Character Inspo: Peeta Mellark - The Hunger Games

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