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Romance Novella Series!

For people who like:

  •  Fun Office Romance

  • Slow Burn + Spice

  • Hot Boss + Secret Agent Vibes

  • Opposites Attract/Fake Dating

  • Short(ish) Novellas

How to Shower with Your Boss - Kindle - High Resolution.jpg

How to Shower with your Boss

Work Sucks (Book 1)

An opposites attract, workplace romance novella series

He calls her sweetheart. And not in an endearing way. 

El’s new boss Sin is insanely attractive, wildly inappropriate, and a huge jerk. 

In a moment of desperation after losing her job, boyfriend, and apartment, 22-year-old El Williams accepts a new position at VAC Agencies, a secret intelligence organization, as a personal assistant. Even after being forewarned of Sin’s sarcastic remarks and lack of accountability, she finds his rude behaviour even more unpredictable than described. Sin doesn’t want her around… at all. 

How can you do your job when your boss hates you?

How to Get Fired

Work Sucks (Book 2)


He calls her princess. And not in a romantic way. 

El took the blame for Sin’s mistake and in doing so, she earned a hint of his respect, at the expense of her white blouse. But now what?

When Sin goes on a mission to Russia for a couple of months, El and Sin are forced to communicate only by phone. At first, its mission related tasks, but then the conversation shifts to other things. They’re talking about their interests and sharing stories from their pasts… and they start to bond. What makes it even worse is that El enjoys it. She begins to understand him, regardless of his obvious flaws, and they grow closer.

How close is too close before she says the wrong thing and he snaps? Her future at V.A.C. Agencies lies in his hands. This whole thing might get her fired… and then what?

How to Get Fired - Kindle - High Resolution.jpg
How to Fake It - High Resolution.jpg

How to Fake it

Work Sucks (Book 3)

He calls her his secret weapon. And she likes it. 

The friendship they built during those months of long-distance phone calls has survived and El is grateful. But now her family is visiting for the weekend and she has a choice to make. 

Allow Sin to be her pretend boyfriend or admit to her judgmental family that she’s lonely and single again. Sin is eager to repay her favor and torment his dorky little assistant, but El is weary of taking things too far and losing control of the situation.  

Will their relationship reach a point of no return? How many times can she feel his hands on her without losing herself in the moment?

How long can El fake it before she wants Sin for real?

Book 4 TEASER! Read Chapter 1:

Find out what's next for Sin & El! Things are not what they seem...

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