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One Side of the Wall

Every Oxbow citizen is paired with their future mate based on a compatibility test they take at the age of 9.

The Partner Assignment.

Unfortunately I am paired with William Inch, the Dwarf Kid. It’s been 8 years since Partner Assignment Day… 8 years of indifference between us.

It is Year 149, after the end of the world. I’m an Outsider in Oxbow City, entrapped by concrete walls of water to keep the dangers out and its elite citizens protected, controlled, and brainwashed. When I witness something life threatening, something that makes me question our timeline regarding the end of the world, I must use my connection to Will and create a fake relationship between us to avoid being arrested. Our Partnership, and the Partner Assignment system, will be tested in our quest for answers.

In our journey to find the truth, can Will and I survive the threats within the city and what lies beyond?

Trigger Warnings: Violence, references to rape, and creepy monsters. I recommend this book to a 14+ audience and reader discretion is advised.

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Painted on the Wall


The Partner Assignment will provide you with your best-suited match, not your soulmate. 

As our journey continues, we are forced to navigate dangerous uncharted territory in Oxbow City. William Inch, my assigned partner, has become my devoted ally and yet our views of the ideologies enforced by the City Council vary greatly.

The lies are piling up and my cover stories are wearing thin. 

 Rebellious Outsiders within the city jeopardize the social order and safety of citizens, and radical Outsiders beyond the wall leave threatening messages forewarning their unnerving agenda. Emotions run high as we are faced with supernatural, political, and moral ultimatums that neither of us can survive without the other. As the Dwarf Kid's unofficial secret keeper, I am trapped in the Partner Assignment system with him for better or for worse. 

Can our faith in The Partner Assignment continue to protect us as we uncover the mysteries behind both sides of the wall?

Trigger Warnings: Violence, references to rape, and coarse language. I recommend this book to a 14+ audience and reader discretion is advised.

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How to Shower with your Boss 

Work Sucks (Book 1)


He calls her sweetheart. And not in an endearing way. 
El’s new boss Sin is insanely attractive, wildly inappropriate, and a huge jerk. 
In a moment of desperation after losing her job, boyfriend, and apartment, 22-year-old El Williams accepts a new position at VAC Agencies, a secret intelligence organization, as a personal assistant. Even after being forewarned of Sin’s sarcastic remarks and lack of accountability, she finds his rude behaviour even more unpredictable than described. Sin doesn’t want her around… at all. 
How can you do your job when your boss hates you?
They are complete opposites. The way Sin voices his arrogant opinion (typically using curse words) at any given moment shocks her. But is there something to admire about his confidence? El is so used to being quiet and polite, to the point of complacency. Sin’s confrontational attitude is almost refreshing. 
When it isn’t annoying, that is. 
She can’t quit. After everything she’s lost, she needs something to go right. Will she be able to find a way to work with Sin and earn his trust? 
Is she only sticking around for the money or is Sin the wake-up call she’s been needing?

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How to Get Fired

Work Sucks (Book 2)

El took the blame for Sin’s mistake and in doing so, she earned a hint of his respect, at the expense of her white blouse. But now what? 
El Williams has, miraculously, managed to keep her job. Sin isn’t interested in a girl like her for anything besides doing his paperwork, and she couldn’t care less. 
When Sin goes on a mission to Russia for a couple of months, El and Sin are forced to communicate only by phone. At first, its mission related tasks, but then the conversation shifts to other things. They’re talking about their interests and sharing stories from their pasts… and they start to bond. What makes it even worse is that El enjoys it. She begins to understand him, regardless of his obvious flaws, and they grow closer.
Is there more to Sin than the arrogant exterior? How much should a person know about their boss before it’s too personal?
How close is too close before she says the wrong thing and he snaps? Her future at V.A.C. Agencies lies in his hands. This whole thing might get her fired… and then what?

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Figure Skating Workbook

Available now for the 2021-2022 season!

A beautiful figure skating workbook to inspire young athletes to achieve their goals while developing a life-long love of the sport! 

This is a wonderful book for skaters who have begun their path in the figure skating discipline and are motivated to perform their hearts out and have a fun-filled season. Created by myself, Coach Shaelyn, this training journal includes many sport-specific activities as well as activities to promote a well-balanced lifestyle. 

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