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The Crazy Scale

“There’s no such thing as a woman who’s not at least a 4 crazy.”

My boyfriend recently showed me a video on YouTube where a man explains his version of the perfect woman in terms of how crazy she is (on a scale of 4-10) versus how hot she is (on a scale of 0-10). This is illustrated in a linear graph.

Taken from:

To sum it up, there are only two acceptable zones: the Date Zone (level 7 crazy but above an 8 hot) and the Wife Zone (between level 5-7 crazy but above an 8 hot). There are many other zones like the No-Go Zone (anything less than a 5 hot), the Fun Zone (between a 4-7 crazy, 5-8 hot), and the ominous Danger Zone (above a 7 crazy and a 5 hot).

After promising that I wouldn’t be offended after watching it, my boyfriend cued it up for me while we were making dinner. He told me I was definitely in the Date Zone, and probably the Wife Zone, then we had a good laugh and moved on with the evening.

But me being me, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I have re-watched this video multiple times and learned a few important lessons. Ladies, hang in there and try to absorb these facts:

1. Men need to experience women in the Danger Zone and the Fun Zone in order to appreciate and settle into the Date/Wife Zones.

2. Sorry to say it, but you were likely in another man’s Danger or Fun Zone at some point. For instance, my ex would have definitely had me in the Danger Zone most of the time and the Date Zone part time. Different people bring out versions of us that can be both wonderful and toxic.

3. Find the man that that automatically believes you to be in his Date/Wife Zone. This piggybacks onto finding the person who brings out our better behaviours naturally.

To elaborate on these points, the man in the video suggests that other males use this matrix over time to collect data and someday move into the Date or Wife Zones. This is surprisingly good advice for anyone in the dating world because everyone’s version of the perfect Date or Wife will be different. We all need to learn the qualities we value in a partner of these Zones.

The final lesson I inferred is that men actually need a little crazy in their woman. Men are strange creatures who enjoy occasionally being bossed around and find it somewhat arousing to watch a woman “fly off the handle” (especially if it is at another guy, and bonus points if the other guy was irritating them too).

Some women may have found this video offensive and insulting, however I found it strangely accurate. Women are crazy and our crazy meter will fluctuate for multiple reasons that can be both acceptable and inexcusable depending on the circumstance. Although it can be hard, we need to cut our guys some slack sometimes and avoid being too crazy. Take a deep breath and remember that they can’t read our minds.

For anyone who wants watch the video, type in The Crazy Hot Matrix on YouTube.

And now that I’ve completely overanalyzed a silly video that provided unexpected insight into the mind of a human male, I bid you all ado.

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