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Story Concept: Soulmates

You’re in a coffee shop having your usual, looking as if you’re working on your Business Communication paper that’s due by the end of the day, but actually laughing at a meme on your phone of Donald Trump Tweeting.

A woman sits in the chair across from you, much to your surprise. She does it with such confidence it’s almost as though you know her. A small thick book pops up in her hands and she’s flipping the pages effortlessly, searching through it’s bible-like contents.

Oh god, she’s some sort of religious person who’s come to save me or convince me to join her cult, you think glumly to yourself as you devise a way to leave. Fake emergency phone call or late for work? Either one will do. But before you make your excuse the woman has found her page and she’s smirking, nodding at you as if she can see right through you.

She knows your name and she’s offering you a choice: For a small fee she will tell you the name of your soulmate.

What is the fee you ask? The woman gets to take one year off of your life span. She will not tell you when you are supposed to die, only that your expiration date will be exactly one year sooner than fate planned.

Yes, it seems too crazy to be true, but what if it was? Would you pay in order to know your soulmates name? Sure, you have to give up one year of your life, but wouldn’t you want to find your soulmate and spend your remaining lifespan with them rather than search forever hoping to find true love?

Let’s complicate matters further: you have a partner already that you’re in love with. Perhaps they are your soulmate and this woman is tricking you, working a quick scheme on you. Are you confident in the status of your relationship? But what if your soulmate isn’t the person you’re already with? Would you like to know?

The woman can tell you’re devoted to your current partner and you wouldn’t want to break his heart by taking this deal. She sweetens the offer: It now includes your partner as well. For the small fee, you both get to know who your soulmates are. Should you potentially sacrifice your wonderful relationship on the off chance you could be happier with your destined soulmates?

Would you both drop your relationship, everything you've built together, and go your separate ways if you received names other than each others?

So the final question is… how badly do you want to know who your soulmate is?

Alright ladies and gents, back to reality! Fortunately, or unfortunately based on your opinion, there is no woman offering us this choice. But if you would like my answer, keep reading…

I would not take the deal. Personally, I am not the type of person that likes to be told who I should be with and considering no relationship is perfect then my magic soulmate wouldn’t be perfect either. And even if he was, I wouldn’t want him. Perfection takes all the fun out of it.

I asked my boyfriend’s opinion on these questions… he hates answering these “bad questions” and “wack facts”. But from what he did answer, he already believes that I’m his soulmate and hopes that the mysterious woman would tell him so if he were offered the choice.

So then I asked (yes, I haven’t let the poor bugger off the hook yet) what he would do if he found out that his soulmate wasn’t me. What if it was the name of some woman he never heard of before. Would he go out searching for her or stay with me?

Apparently, he would stay with me because he truly thinks it would be my name anyways. But regardless, he has chosen me.

Well, well, well… I guess I’ll keep him around a little longer.

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