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Things I've Watched Recently

(And whether you should watch them too)

Okay so for those of you wondering, Painted on the Wall, my second book, is in the final stages of formatting. But yesterday I got my second vaccine and the side effects are making me feel like I can’t think properly, so I’m writing a blog post instead.

This is a list of shows/movies I’ve watched recently (I’ve been trying to go through my watch lists) and whether you might like them too.



Thriller/Horror movie, 1h 39m, on Netflix

Alright so I just finished watching this one today and I actually enjoyed it!


A physically ill 17-year-old girl, Chloe, lives a secluded lifestyle with her mother, who ends up being more overprotective than we initially thought. Chloe suspects her mother is hiding secrets regarding her health (Chloe’s health) and when she begins to uncover the truth, things get crazy.

What I liked:

Chloe is very strong-willed and it was really satisfying watching her struggle against her physical limitations and figure out ingenious ways to get around her obstacles. I found myself cheering for her the whole time. The roof scene was awesome. I can’t say much more without spoiling it.

The verdict:

The ending was surprising yet made perfect sense, also something I look for in a good thriller.

Definitely worth watching.

On the Basis of Sex

Legal Drama, 2h, on Netflix

I also finished this today!


This is based on a true story centered around the life and career of Ruth Ginsburg, a female lawyer. Starting during the 1950’s and concluding in 1970, the movie follows her balancing act as a wife and her ambition to be a successful lawyer and change the laws regarding sexism during that time period.

What I liked:

Ok seriously, Ruth’s husband was the star of the show for me. Talk about being an insanely supportive hubby! Gold stars to that guy.

I definitely learned quite a bit regarding the laws in place back then and how far society has come with women’s rights, which was very cool.

Head-tilting moments:

To be honest, I was a bit confused on the direction of the movie. I thought it would be about her overcoming gender bias in the school/workplace but it was more about her courtroom career later in her life. Not so much about office politics, which is a more enjoyable plotline for me personally.

The verdict:

Definitely worth watching for those who appreciate lawyer movies and history. But I probably won’t be turning it on again… once was enough for me.

The Flight Attendant

Thriller TV show, 1 season (8 episodes), on Crave

I finally finished this a few days ago!


Cassie, a boozy fun-loving flight attendant, gets caught up in unravelling a mystery when she wakes up next to her dead lover and has spotty memories of the night before.

What I liked:

I liked almost everything about this show! The main actress is the star from The Big Bang Theory (Kaley Cuoco) and she does an excellent job of this role. They went down a very deep and unexpected narrative surrounding her alcoholism and childhood. The way they portrayed everything, from her drunken and confused viewpoint, really sucked me in.

The moments where she is trapped inside her own head were great. Who doesn’t love a slightly insane protagonist, right?

Head-tilting moments:

There is a side character, Megan the “invisible” housewife, who has a minor plot line of her own that I didn’t find very believable. At first it was believable, but then when she explained her motivations at the end, I found myself scratching my chin.

It seemed a bit odd to me.

The verdict:

HIGHLY recommend! If you enjoy drama and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat definitely give it a go. No regrets from this one.

Second Act

Romcom movie, 1h 44m, on Netflix


Maya is stuck in her role as Assistant Manager at her grocery/drug store job due to her lack of college/university education, regardless of her years of experience and product knowledge. When she lands a fancy corporate job after playing along with the lies on her resume, she must choose whether to become this fake person or tell the truth.

What I liked:

Alright, the actual premise of this movie was great… for the first half of it.

She got the fancy job after lying on her resume, she was doing everything in her power to be that impressive person, and she was proving that experience matters just as much as formal education.

It really demonstrated the fact that society is handcuffed by the education system. When choosing between a person with a fancy piece of paper (degree) or a person with years+ of experience, the degree seems to win out.

Head-tilting moments:

Then the plot line took a dramatic turn. They went down this entire sub-plot regarding her past and she found something she had given up long ago…

It got really weird to me. I wished they would have stuck to the original story and explored that concept more.

Unpopular opinion… they could have chosen a different actress.

Jennifer Lopez is amazing but that’s the problem. It was hard to believe someone that beautiful and talented would be stuck at a dead-end job and wouldn’t just pursue further education if she wanted it that badly. Maybe it’s because she’s such an icon already it was difficult to separate her from the role she was playing.

The verdict:

Hmm… this is a tough one. It wasn’t a bad movie but it definitely wasn’t engaging after the first half. Do whatever you want with that knowledge.

Honourable Mentions

Too Hot to Handle – Season 2

Reality drama, 10 episodes, on Netflix


A group of horny people stuck on a tropical island for 3 weeks that must abstain from sexual activity or risk losing the prize money.

The verdict:

Definitely preferred season 1 over 2 but still, stupidly entertaining show that doesn’t require much brain-power to watch! Turn it on if you’re super bored and want to feel better about the direction your life is going in. Sorry that sounded so harsh but seriously, it’s reality TV!


Action Sci-Fi show, 6 episodes, on Disney Plus


Popular God of Mischief Loki is thrown into the world of time travel and disillusion after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

The verdict:

I love everything Marvel so I am definitely bias but seriously, I already love this show! The soundtrack is amazing and Tom Hiddleston’s acting is great.


Creepy drama, 1 season (8 episodes), on Netflix


The life of a nurse at a mental institution who slowly turns into a full-fledged monster toward her patients.

The verdict:

Honestly I didn’t make it past the first episode. I know this show is supposed to be a prequel showing the life of the terrifying nurse from the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and how she became that way. I just found it too slow.

Yes, I am addicted to movies and tv shows. Next on my list is The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime starring Chris Pratt!

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